Managing Your Casino Bankroll

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Casino bankroll management, is the secret to enjoying your safe online casino experience. You want to make your money last, and if possible add to it. The objective is always to win, but this of course is not a realistic goal. I want to share with you, how to make the most of your money, and ensure you enjoy safe online casino gambling.

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Realistically look at your finances, what you can afford to lose? Be objective, think of your money in the same clinical calculating way that an investment banker would. Then be subjective, think of the hours you spent working for the money, and what it means to you, consider all your debts, your children’s college education, all the material possessions you are saving for.

Gambling is not income. You should never look at potential winnings subjectively. That money does not belong to you. It is in the coffer of a wealthy casino, who got wealthy, by taking it from people just like us.

Splitting up your bankroll is vital to ensuring you always have some for tomorrow. Partition it, and assign these amounts to small time frames. If you went to Vegas, you would not spend all your money on the first day. If you have 500 dollars and want to play for five days that is 100 dollars a day. It is that simple, and not sticking to your schedule could result in you blowing your bankroll.

Do not chase your losses. If you are losing money, which will always happen when gambling, do not think you have to get this money back. Think of your losses as the cost of gambling, this puts your bankroll into perspective. You would not buy another ice cream to try get back the money you spent on the first. And finally play with your winnings, is you win 100 dollars and your initial deposit was 100 withdraw it for another day.